One by One, Global Bond Markets Are Flashing the Same Warning

It’s ‘very unlikely’

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the Fed will raise rates again: Antares
Bond yields in Australia, New Zealand drop to record lows

Wherever you look in developed markets, sovereign bond yields are at their lowest levels in years as traders ratchet up bets that major central banks will be easing.

Yields in Australia and New Zealand dropped to record lows after a closely-watched part of the U.S. curve inverted on Friday as investors wager that the Federal Reserve will need to cut rates.

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Trading volumes in Treasury futures were double the norm during Asian trading, while Japan’s 10-year yields fell to the lowest

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since 2016.

“Bond markets globally, along with dovish central banks, have been telling us a slowdown is on the way,” said Jeffrey Halley, senior market analyst at Oanda Corp. in Singapore. “Some parts of the world will be better equipped than others to handle this. The U.S. can at least cut rates and apply monetary tools, while things could be worse for Europe and Japan, where they

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